Throwback to 2008 during a highschool trip to Montreal before we took off for college. Eggspectation had some pretty darn good breakfast!#tbt #groundupgourmet #mtlfood #montreal #montrealfood #montrealfoodie #montrealfoodies #montrealfoodphotographer #montrealfoodblog #montrealfoodporn #montrealfoodtour #montrealfoods #montrealfoodscene #eggspectation @eggsrockland

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This sandwich is ridiculous. CBR at Do-Rite Donuts. Go there and get this, now.

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Can't wait to get my hands on one of these again! Dark, roasty, malty awesomeness. @oskarblues @lonewolftavern #craftbeer #beer #happyhour

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Homemade gyro. I substituted the lamb with beef since lamb is quite $$…still delicious! Going to have to learn how to make pitas next. #groundupgourmet #gyro #greek

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Interesting take on the breakfast sandwich @wafflescafe. Not sure if the waffles do it for me but it was still yummy!

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bacon blanket

Staying warm with the help of my #baconblanket


Smokeshow Cookout 2010 Round 2 – Authentic Slow Smoked BBQ

Now that I have covered the prep part of Smokeshow 2010, It’s on to the delicious part of the Smokeshow – slow smoking and the finished product.

My day started at 7:30 AM, now that’s dedication right?

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the setup

Smokeshow Cookout 2010 Round 1 – Prep time

Smokeshow 2010 was a  great success!

This year I think it’s safe to say that all the food was substantially better minus one thing…the ribs (almost a complete disappointing failure). More on that later.

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Bongo & Capcci

Herbed Brown Butter Sauce

I first made this for Bongo & Capacci’s Sweet Potato Ravioli but I realized I will probably use this somewhere along the way in another dish, or even simply as a dip for bread.

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avocado and turkey

Submitted Recipe! – Baked Turkey, Avocado, and Brie English Muffin

Today Ground Up Gourmet got its second submitted recipe!

I still haven’t gotten around to making Beer Cheddar Cheese soup, sorry Leah.

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Prosciutto, Goat Cheese, & Arugula Pizza

I present you with the one of the most disfigured yet delicious pizzas ever. This thing fought me to the end in terms of getting from a dough ball to plate, mostly due to the fact that I did not have a pizza peel. I implore you to buy a pizza peel if you are trying to make pizza on a pizza stone!

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Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

This is the third time I made this beast of a pizza and it always proves to be a crowd pleaser, and feeds a lot of people. This time the fillings I used were hot & sweet sausage, caramelized onions, mushrooms, red & green peppers, sautéed garlic and of course sauce and mozzarella cheese.

One of the first things you will need a well seasoned 10” cast iron skillet, deep dish pizza pan, or some other heavy pan. I used my cast iron skillet because it holds the heat so well.

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Christmas Dinner – Beef Wellington & Potatoes Au Gratin &

Happy New Year!!
This year my brother made Beef Wellington and I made Potatoes Au Gratin. Everything turned out AMAZING. Check out the pictures below:

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ingredients - mint, cucumber, dill

Dill, Mint, Yogurt, & Cucumber Soup

Looking for something cold and refreshing? Well the answer just may be dill cucumber soup with a hint of mint.  I always wanted to make this soup and last summer presented the perfect opportunity. My dad grew a ridiculous amount of cucumbers as you can see from my Garden Post, so I already had the most important ingredient.

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Homemade potato chip

Baked Rosemary & Oregano Potato Chips

I just finished my last class before thanksgiving break and had a hankering for potato chips. Unfortunately, I didn’t have any and I’m dead broke so buying some didn’t seem like the best idea. What I did had however, was a 20 pound bag of potatoes – not really sure what I was thinking when buying that.

This recipe is actually really quick and makes some really tasty and healthy potato chips.  First start out by preheating your oven to 450.

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Grill Cheat Sheet

Grilling Cheat Sheet: Cooking Times, Heat, & Flavors

If you have read any of my other posts you can see them i’m a huge fan of grilling. I found this GREAT Grilling Cheat Sheet that covers almost all the basics of mastering the grill: heat, cooking  time, and compatible flavoring techniques.  For the original copy go to RealSimples PDF to download the file.

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Cooking Oil Smoke Points – No More Fire Alarms!

After I set the fire alarm off in my college dorm building while making toasted ravioli,  I decided to look further into the smoke points of different oils to shed some light on why my EVOO decided to burst into a smokey blaze.

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Watermelon, feta cheese, mint salad

Watermelon, Feta Cheese, & Mint Salad

So I’m sitting in bed, under 2 blankets, next to my window, cold from the New England weather, and trying to enjoy some quality Food Network programming while I dig through some old pictures. Thankfully, I stumbled across a few that make me think of summer and all its warm sunny goodness. The recipe I found would be a watermelon, mint, and feta cheese salad. Even though this turned out to be a FAULURE, it still looks tasty right?

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Chicken pouch

Tin Foil Pouch Chicken & Veggies

How to Make Moist Chicken Breast the Easy Way

I haven’t stopped cooking in the last few weeks, that’s for sure. I’ve had some failures along the way including my prosciutto rolls stuffed with roast asparagus, mozzarella, and herb filling. I thought it was going to be a flavor bomb but it turned out to be lacking texture and just plain BLAH. I’m definitely going to tackle that one again.

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The ingredients

Homemade Baileys Cream

I completely forgot that I took pictures for this back in December and was about to make it again until I stumbled across a missing memory card. I love making my own Baileys; it’s delicious, cheaper* and for some reason seems to shock people when you say you made your own Baileys Cream.

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