Special Camper Submitted Recipe: Bagel w/ SALTED Butter

The other day I had the pleasure of receiving a recipe from one of my Campers at Discover Camp. I assistant-teach a Web Publishing class in which I help children create their very own WordPress blogs.

Blog topics ranged from Opinions, Ideas and Reviews to Strategic Gamming (in a matter of 2 weeks this ca

mper was seeing almost as much traffic as me – quite impressive right?).

Back to the food…

Naturally, I had to post this camper’s recipe. I also figured it would be a great opportunity to bring some attention to Ground Up Gourmets very own Bagel Post by Katie – check it out for a delicious and easy bagel recipe!

Here is the message that I received:

  1. Toast bagel
  2. Put butter on bagel
  3. Suggestion: Use salted butter

Short and sweet yet we all know how delicious something as simple as a bagel and butter can be. The suggestion is spot on too.

P.S. I have to give another shout out to Discover Camp. I’ve never seen that many kids so completely engaged in what they are doing at a camp. Whether it’s building a RC car, skateboarding, woodworking, or rocketry, they were always enthusiastic and focused on trying to do their best possible. Props to camp director Mr. Rich for running such an awesome camp!

And no, I am not getting paid for saying this, not a bad idea though – how ’bout it Mr. Rich?!

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