Next Stop, The Caribbean!

I am very excited to announce that I will be taking a little bit of a hiatus from Ground Up Gourmet. I will be leaving today for cruise in the Caribbean – tough life I lead I know. By the time this gets posted I should probably be out somewhere on the hopefully not-so-high seas.

Stay tuned because when I get back I promise to post tons of pictures from the best local food establishments among the 4 islands that I stop at. None of that touristy food for me!

This year I will be on the hunt for a fried fish sandwich that can rival the one I scarffed down in Bermuda. Gimme back that filet-o-fish, Gimme that fish!!

Now that I think about it, I sound like I’m just bragging and teasing you with “tons of pictures.” Well too bad, I wrote it already and I’m posting it! There’s got to be some sort of Ground Up Gourmet valuable content sprinkled in there right?

Anyways, I was curious what your vacation food experiences were. It would be great if you could leave comment and say “The best meal I have ever had on vacation was _____ while I was in _____.”

Time to leave it to Katie to hold down the fort. Hasta la vista!



6 thoughts on “Next Stop, The Caribbean!

  1. The best meal that I ever had on vacation was in Cozumel at a restaurant on the far side of the island from the city. Our taxi driver took us to this place where the lobsters, or langostinos, were caught right off the shore. We ordered a platter of lobster and shrimp and we served a huge, heaping serving – enough that we decided we would give a good portion to our taxi driver when we were done. Alas, there wasn't a morsel left. The taxi driver did get a nice tip. Sitting in the open air with a cool ocean breeze, sipping a Corona, it was, by far, the best vacation meal ever.

    1. Thanks for the comment Sharon! I could really go for a Cozumel vacation and some lobster right about now – great story.

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