First Summer Sangria! White Wine Style

What better to celebrate the beginning of summer?

Now, traditionally, Sangria is made with a red wine, but I have tried white wine versions as well and this particular batch is one of my favorites I have made so far.

Here’s what you’re going to need:

1 Bottle White Wine, I used a Chenin Blanc, anything light like a Riesling or a Pinot Grigio works well too

2 Shots of Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

(this just happened to be what was in my cupboard, any fruity brandies also work well, or if you have nothing of the sort, no worries)

1 cup raspberries, fresh or frozen

1 lime quartered and squeezed into pitcher

1/2 a grapefruit sliced, seeded, and squeezed into pitcher

3  cups of seltzer or any citrus soda if you prefer it sweeter

Put all ingredients in a glass pitcher with a few ice cubes and allow to chill in the fridge for awhile

Works best if wine is chilled before hand as well as other ingredients

Pour into fancy summer glasses, sip slowly, and enjoy!

For best results remain outdoors as long as possible, be this on a porch, patio, rooftop garden, or around a roaring fire.

Fresh batch for the tasting!

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