Sandwich of the Week: Eggplant Victoria

I had complete intention of taking a photo of this beast but a series of unfortunate events teamed up against this happening.

First, I ate half at the deli and somehow mustered the strength to save half to eat at home for a midnight snack.  Then, once it was chow time round 2 I went to find my camera to snap a pic, but oh, wait, my camera was somewhere down in South Carolina currently making its way back to me(long spring break story).

Scratch that Plan. Plan B? Use my mom’s camera. But oh wait, she decided to hide it most likely in an effort to keep this deli a secret. However the fact still remains that I’m just making excuses. This sandwich would have never made it to its photo opt due to me scarfing it down.

Eggplant Victoria

Ok so anyways on to the sandwich. Italian hoagie roll, breaded eggplant, roasted red peppers, onion, and Russian dressing (my addition). Separate the ingredients are mediocre but together it’s like the perfect storm, unstoppably delicious.   So you might be thinking pshh big deal, other delis have similar sandwiches. They may, but the quality of ingredients used here is close to unmatched, especially the roll which is screaming authentic Italian eats.

So where do you find this culinary concoction of deliciousness? The answer is Genoa Deli in Ridgefield, CT. Go there, tell them Anthony sent you. It’s up to you to decide if saying that holds any weight, but if you don’t say it, and it does actually mean something, just think if what you could possibly be missing out on…

On a side note: My personal recommendations for this sandwich is to caramelize the onions first, add some fresh mozzarella, and bake it up real quick.

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