Smokeshow 2010 Teaser

Some of our viewers from the Boston area might be a little mislead by this post due to the fact that “Smokeshow” is in the title (sorry we are no

Barstool Sports). Our Launch party with some up and coming artist is still in the works though don’t worry.

Well anyways if you’re actually at the right blog, and want to see a real slow smoked SMOKESHOW, you’re at the right place.

Smokeshow is a tradition that was started at home during our summers off from college. Basically we all get as honky as we can get, no disrespect.  I’d rock that ensemble all year long if I could pull it off. However, a cowboy hat, ripped jeans, boots, and 20 year old plaid shirt don’t fair too well in college.  After all that, we barbecue some authentic slow smoked eats. Ribs, chicken, pork butts, you name it for all of our friends. And don’t forget the side dishes; Mac and cheese, baked beans, slaw, potato salad, and of course some sweet tea PG style.

I’m not going to post any recipes or smoking techniques (3-2-1 for ribs etc.)  this time but rather just show what we did last year. Smokeshow 2010 is in the works and planed for sometime in July. It’s going to be BIGGER, BETTER definitely not FASTER but 100% more delicious.

In the meantime, if this post has got you fired up for grilling, check out our friends over at Grill Junkie’s web site. They have a great information section on bbqing v.s. grilling, cooking techniques, and grilling basics.


The setup

pork buts just on

Pork butts just put on

Pork butts just put on

Ribs just put on with my MacGyvered double rib rack (thanks natty light)

beer can chicken and butts

Beer can chicken and Pork butts

ribs almost done

Ribs almost done. On the 1 in 3-2-1

chicken done

Beer can chicken all smoked up

ribs done

Didn’t even have time to snap a pic before people started grabbing

This basically sums up the day – Hope you’re mouths are watering now

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